( • ̀ω•́ )ノNew Product 新產品亮相_Alomone Labs_2017.08

( • ̀ω•́ )ノNew Product 新產品亮相_Alomone Labs_2017.08




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New & Featured Products – August 2017


Each month Alomone Labs releases a number of new antibodies, toxins and small molecules. For a complete list, visit our New Products page.


Rabbit polyclonals

Anti-Stomatin-like Protein 1 (extracellular) (#AIP-001)

Anti-LGI1 (#ALR-041)

Anti-ASCT1 (#ANT-081)

Anti-LETM1 (#ANT-183)

Anti-Kir2.1 (extracellular) (#APC-159)

Anti-NaV1.2 (#ASC-002)

Anti-DPP10 (extracellular) (#APC-147)

Anti-Calcium-Binding Protein 1 (#ACS-002)

Anti-Excitatory Amino Acid Transporter 5  (extracellular) (#AGC-025)


Conjugated rabbit polyclonals

Anti-NaV1.2-ATTO-594 (#ASC-002-AR)

Anti-KV1.3 (extracellular)-Biotin (#APC-101-B)

Anti-GABA(A) α1 Receptor (extracellular)-ATTO-488 (#AGA-001-AG)

Anti-NMDA Receptor 2B (GluN2B) (extracellular)-ATTO-594 (#AGC-003-AR)


Guinea pig polyclonals

Anti-Kir2.1 (#AGP-044)

Anti-CaV1.3 (#AGP-061)

Anti-NaV1.2 (#AGP-026)

Anti-AMPA Receptor 1 (GluA1) (extracellular) (#AGP-009)

Anti-Stomatin-like Protein 1 (ext.)


Western blot analysis of rat dorsal root ganglia (DRG) lysates:
1. Anti-Stomatin-like Protein 1 (extracellular) antibody (#AIP-001), (1:500).
2. Anti-Stomatin-like Protein 1 (extracellular) antibody preincubated with the control peptide antigen.

Anti-LGI1jdfh gjdfh dfh gkdfdksfh JDF hjsdf hdg  


Western blot analysis of mouse brain membranes (lanes 1 and 3) and rat brain membranes (lanes 2 and 4):
1, 2 Anti-LGI1 antibody (#ALR-041), (1:200).
3, 4. Anti-LGI1 antibody, preincubated with the control peptide antigen.

Anti-KV1.3 (ext.)-Biotin & Anti-KV1.5-ATTO-550


Immuno-colocalization of KV1.3 and KV1.5 in mouse cerebellum:
Immunohistochemical staining of mouse perfusion-fixed frozen brain sections using Anti-KV1.3 (extracellular)-Biotin antibody (#APC-101-B) (1:400), and Anti-KV1.5-ATTO-550 antibody (#APC-004-AO), (1:60). KV1.3 staining (green) is detected in Bergmann glia soma and processes in the molecular layer.

Ion Channel Modulators

Benzamil (#B-161): Na+/Ca2+ exchanger inhibitor and ASIC, TRPP3 and TRPA1 channel blocker

Benzamil hydrochloride (#B-160): Na+/Ca2+ exchanger inhibitor and ASIC, TRPP3 and TRPA1 channel blocker

Ononetin (#O-135): TRPM3 channel blocker and TRPA1 channel activator

Optovin (#O-140): TRPA1 channel activator

4-ONE (#O-145): TRPA1 channel activator

(-)-Bicuculline methiodide (#B-136): GABA(A) receptor antagonist

MPX-004 (#M-280): GluN2A-containing NMDA receptor antagonist

Phlo1b (#STP-370): NaV1.7 channel blocker

Phlo1a (#STP-350): NaV1.7 channel blocker

Tracazolate hydrochloride (#T-230): GABA(A) receptor modulator

α-Bungarotoxin-FITC (#B-100-F): α7, α1/β1/γ/δ nAChR and GABA(A) receptors blocker

Na+/Ca2+ exchanger inhibitor and ASIC, TRPP3 and TRPA1 channel blocker


Alomone Labs Benzamil (#B-161) inhibits TRPA1 currents induced by AITC in HEK-293 cells.

TRPM3 channel blocker and TRPA1 channel activator


Alomone Labs Ononetin (#O-135) activates TRPA1 channels expressed in HEK-293 cells.

Explorer Kits

Alomone Labs Explorer Kits are economical screening packages. Each Explorer Kit contains a set of antibodies or a group of pharmacological tools targeting a group of proteins. Our Explorer Kits help you find that one important and specific target.


Pain-Related DRG Marker Antibody Kit (#AK-550)

Kainate Receptor Antibody Explorer Kit (#AK-555)

ENaC Antibody Explorer Kit (#AK-570)

ASIC Channel Modulator Explorer Kit (#EK-113)

TRPM8 Channel Modulator Explorer Kit (#EK-152)

Research Packs

Alomone Labs Research Packs are specific to one target. Each Research Pack contains a set of specific antibodies and pharmacological tools for the protein you are working on.


GABA(A) α1 Receptor Research Packs

GABA(A) α1 Receptor Basic Research Pack (#ESB-800)

GABA(A) α1 Receptor Premium Research Pack(#ESP-800)

GABA(A) α1 Receptor Deluxe Research Pack (#ESD-800)


KV4 Channel Research Packs

KV4 Channel Basic Research Pack (#ESB-502)

KV4 Channel Premium Research Pack (#ESP-502)

KV4 Channel Deluxe Research Pack (#ESD-502)

Modulator Magazine

The Modulator is dedicated to hot topics and recent developments in ion channel research. In each issue, we present elegant and exciting new ways our products are being used in papers from reputable journals. 

Take a look at our latest Modulator issue.

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