abbexa_FcR Blocking Reagents

abbexa_FcR Blocking Reagents



FcR Blocking Reagents

We are offering a Human FcR Blocking Reagent with high affinity for Fc receptors on immunoglobulins and cells of the immune system.

This includes the IgE receptor FcεRI, CD64-expressing cells such as monocytes and macrophages, and Fc receptors on cells treated with IFN-γ or G-CSF.

What are the benefits?

Block unwanted non-specific binding of antibodies to human Fc receptor-expressing cells such as B cells, monocytes, and macrophages.

This should result in more specific antibody binding to the target/antigen of interest when the primary antibody is added following blocking.

FcR blocking reagent will increase the specificity of antibody labelling of extremely rare target cells such as antigen-specific B cells, fetal cells in maternal blood, hematopoietic progenitor cells, or disseminated epithelial tumour cells.

FcR Blocking Reagent


Available as 200 or 400 tests




FcR Blocking Reagents

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