Agrisera plant antibody news/July

Agrisera plant antibody news/July



Dear Researcher                                          July,  2017

New plant antibodies this month

AtpB | Beta subunit of ATP synthase, mitochondrial

CRY1 | Cryptochrome 1

HY1 | Heme Oxygenase 1

SAM1-4 | S-adenosylmethionine synthase, affinity purified antibody

Tag Antibody Set (Cas9/HA/LUC/C-YFP/N-YFP)


50 % discount on chosen antibodies, for details check HERE.

All you need for Western blot


Primary antibody to a plant or alagal protein or compund, check Plant Antibody catalog

Matching secondary antibody of high titer

Chemiluminescent detection reagent of high sensitivity


Supplementary information about westen blot focused on plant tissues:

Western blot video tutorial



LINE 線上諮詢



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