Alomone_TRP Channel | Novel Conjugated Antibodies

Alomone_TRP Channel | Novel Conjugated Antibodies



Aug 13, 2018


Novel TRP Channel Conjugated Antibodies

Conjugated antibodies:

Ideal for immuno-colocalization with same species antibodies!

No need for secondary antibodies!

No amplified response!

Quantitative results!

Time saving!


ATTO-Conjugated polyclonals

Anti-TRPC3-ATTO-594 Antibody (#ACC-016-AR)

Anti-TRPM2-ATTO-594 Antibody (#ACC-043-AR)

Anti-TRPML3-ATTO-594 Antibody (#ACC-083-AR)

Anti-Rat TRPV1 (extracellular)-ATTO-488 Antibody (#ACC-029-AG)

Anti-TRPV3 (extracellular)-ATTO-633 Antibody (#ACC-033-FR)

Anti-TRPV4-ATTO-550 Antibody (#ACC-034-AO)


Anti-TRPC3-ATTO-594 Antibody (#ACC-016-AR)


Immuno-colocalization of TRPC3 and mGluR1 in mouse cerebellum:


Immunohistochemical staining of perfusion-fixed frozen mouse cerebellum sections using Anti-TRPC3-ATTO-594 Antibody (ACC-016-AR), (1:60) and Anti-mGluR1 (extracellular)-ATTO-488 Antibody (#AGC-006-AG), (1:60).  A. TRPC3 staining (red). B. mGluR1 staining (green). C. Merge of the two images suggests extensive co-localization in Purkinje cells (vertical arrows). Note expression of mGluR1 in Purkinje dendrites (horizontal arrow) but not of TRPC3. Cell nuclei are stained with DAPI (blue).

Anti-TRPML3-ATTO-594 Antibody (#ACC-083-AR)


Expression of TRPML3 in mouse brain:


Immunohistochemical staining of TRPML3 in mouse brain frozen section with Anti-TRPML3-ATTO-594 Antibody (#ACC-083-AR). A. Staining revealed TRPML3 positive nerve cell profiles in the brainstem auditory nucleus. B. Pre-incubation with the immunogen peptide suppressed the above staining pattern.

Anti-TRPV4-ATTO-550 Antibody (#ACC-034-AO)


Expression of TRPV4 in rat DRG:


Immunohistochemical staining of rat dorsal root ganglia (DRG) frozen sections with Anti-TRPV4-ATTO-550 Antibody (#ACC-034-AO), (1:20). TRPV4 is present in DRG neurons (red). Note that staining is stronger in small cells (arrows). Hoechst 33342 is used as the counterstain.

FITC-Conjugated polyclonal

Anti-TRPV2 (extracellular)-FITC Antibody (#ACC-039-F)


Direct flow cytometry analysis of intact living RBL cells:


___ Unstained cells. 
___ Cells + Anti-TRPV2 (extracellular)-FITC Antibody (#ACC-039-F).


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