amsbio_Feeder-free Culture System for the Derivation of Human Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells

amsbio_Feeder-free Culture System for the Derivation of Human Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells




Feeder-free culture system for iPS cells


Human recombinant laminin-511 E8 fragment, StemFit  maintenance media, and

STEM-CELLBANKER cryopreservation media can be used together in an efficient feeder-free culture system for the derivation of human induced pluripotent stem cells


More efficient cell culture for pluripotent stem cells



iMatrix recombinant Laminin-511 E8 fragment is an innovative cell culture matrix compatible with a variety of cell types, and exceptionally well suited for pluripotent stem cells.  Benefits include:

  • Xeno-free, feeder-free culture conditions enabling easy application in medical trials
  • Stronger adherence to cells than Matrigel or full-length Laminin and Vitronectin
  • Can be used pre-mixed as well as in conventional pre-coating techniques
  • Single cell passaging
  • Highly efficient bulk cell proliferation – 1,000-fold increase in numbers of ES/iPS cells after one month culture
  • Coating free protocol available


Want to try Laminin 511 with your cells?


Fill out our request form below and we will get in touch to coordinate a free of charge sample.  We only ask that you provide us with feedback once testing is complete.


Superior colony forming efficiency from a single cell clone


StemFit® is a xeno-free, defined medium proven to effectively maintain iPS and ES cells. High colony forming efficiency, reduced media consumption, and low lactate accumulation.



Consistent High Cell Viability and Pluripotency Post-Thaw


Chemically defined, animal-free freezing medium manufactured under GMP conditions- optimized for ES cell and iPS cell storage as well as other valuable cell types.



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