Aves Labs介紹使用抗標籤抗體進行多重成細胞免疫染色實驗

Aves Labs介紹使用抗標籤抗體進行多重成細胞免疫染色實驗



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Multiplex imaging of epitope and fluorescent tags made easy with chicken antibodies:


Keep on using your favorite mouse or rabbit antibodies in combination with our anti-tag chicken antibodies. Discover industry-leading antibodies against: GFP, mCherry/dsRED, our newly introduced anti-V5 tag antibody, and many more!




A new publication using Aves GFP-1020 chicken antibody to recognize YFP

Yap/Taz inhibit goblet cell fate to maintain lung epithelial homeostasis


Julia Hicks-Berthet, Boting Ning, Anthony Federico, Andrew Tilston-Lunel, Adeline Matschulat, Xingbin Ai, Marc E. Lenburg, Jennifer Beane, Stefano Monti, Xaralabos Varelas. Cell Reports Volume 36, Issue 2, 2021, 109347, ISSN 2211-1247


Above: Staining of a tissue section through the midbrain region of an adult mouse for GFP (green) and Tryptophan Hydroxylase-positive neurons (RED).





Custom Chicken Antibodies from the Experts

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What We’re Reading:  ‘Wonderchicken’ is the earliest known modern bird at nearly 67 million years old

As one might guess, we have an affinity for chickens. So we were excited to hear that Dr. Daniel Field and his team at the University of Cambridge have discovered a bird from the late Cretaceous that looks to be a common ancestor of today’s chickens and ducks. Science News’ story on the discovery can be found here.




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