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Please welcome GlycOCATCH™ to the Genovis SmartEnzymes™ family!
GlycOCATCH is an enrichment resin for affinity purification of O-glycosylated proteins and peptides. The resin is designed to bind proteins and peptides carrying O-glycans with high affinity, and it is provided in convenient spin columns to allow easy-to-use O-glycoprotein enrichment.

The applications of GlycOCATCH involve glycomics, specific enrichment or removal of O-glycoproteins and peptides, studies of O-glycosylation in complex samples and characterization of biopharmaceuticals.

The GlycOCATCH product is available for purchasing today!





O-glycopeptide Enrichment



To study the O-glycan specificity of GlycOCATCH on the peptide level, a selection of non-glycosylated and O-glycosylated peptides was used. The peptides were loaded onto GlycOCATCH, the resin was washed and the bound peptides were eluted with 8 M urea. After purification, the samples were analyzed on RP-LC-MS. The data shows selective purification of the glycodrosocin peptide, carrying a core 1 O-glycan.


Enrichment of O-glycosylated proteins from Human Serum


GlycOCATCH can be used to selectively enrich O-glycosylated proteins from a complex sample mixture, such as human serum. Briefly, intact serum and SialEXO were applied to the GlycOCATCH resin. The resin was washed, and O-glycosylated proteins were eluted with 8 M urea. The eluted sample was trypsinated and analyzed using RP-LC-MS/MS, and proteins were identified using the Swiss Prot database. O-glycosylated proteins are depicted in yellow.





Key Characteristics


  • Enriches O-glycosylated proteins and peptides
  • 30 min – 2 h binding
  • Requires desialylation using SialEXO™ (included)
  • Applications in glycomics and biopharmaceutical characterization





Meet Genovis at PEGS in Boston

Genovis will be at the PEGS conference in Boston next week, introducing the GlycOCATCH product. Talk to our team to learn more!
We will also present a poster focused on O-glycan analysis using OpeRATOR, OglyZOR and SialEXO. Be sure to visit our poster and booth #638






PEGS Boston
Boston, USA, April 30- May 4
Booth# 638

ASMS, San Diego
San Diego, USA, June 3-7

Antibody Industrial Symposium
Montpellier, France, June 25-26




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