SySy newsletter April 2018

SySy newsletter April 2018



Explore the Possibilities of our Axonal Initial Segment Antibodies


The axon initial segment (AIS) is a specialized structure in neurons that bridges the axonal and somatodendritic compartments. Here action potentials are initiated. One of the most used markers for this domain is Ankyrin G, also named Ankyrin 3. This protein participates in the clustering of ion channels and cell adhesion proteins. A Guinea pig polyclonal antibody is now available that shows an exceptional well performance in WB, ICC, IHC and IHC-P (FFPE). Together with our recently introduced antibodies against Trim 46, also a marker for the AIS, we now provide the tools to analyze the AIS in detail.
Another "newcomer" in our portfolio is a monoclonal rat antibody against Ki 67 that is specific for mouse Ki 67 and does not recognize human Ki 67. Together with our human specific rabbit K 67 antibody, scientists working with murine xenograft models can now easily perform double staining experiments to distinguish both species in one experiment. Another new antibody is chicken anti-mScarlett that recognizes the red fluorescent proteins mScarlet, mCherry, mRFP and tdTomato. It helps to amplify the signals from these tags.
A polyclonal knock-down validated antibody against WRB (also known as CHD5), a monoclonal mouse antibody against GluA2, a Guinea pig polyclonal recognizing α/β-Synuclein and a chicken antibody directed against GlyT 2 complete the list of our new antibodies.

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