SYSY newsletter January 2018

SYSY newsletter January 2018



Focus on Neuropeptides


Peptide hormones play a very important role in brain function controlling several essential physiological processes and cognitive functions. Our new product subgroup Neuropeptides is already populated with the well-received antibodies against Somatostatin-28, Neuropeptide Y and the knock-out validated antibodies against Orexin. The newest member is a polyclonal rabbit antibody against Vasopressin. This peptide hormone, also referred to as anti-diuretic hormone (ADH), is involved in the regulation of blood osmolarity and vasoconstriction.
Synaptic Systems now also offers a polyclonal rabbit antibody against TMEM 119, an excellent marker for microglia in the brain. In contrast to other established microglia-markers like IBA-1, it does not label infiltrating macrophages.
New in our portfolio is also a monoclonal mouse antibody against Glycine transporter 2 which removes glycine from the extracellular space, and an affinity-purified polyclonal chicken antibody against ZnT 3. This protein translocates zinc ions into synaptic vesicles. Furthermore, we introduced an affinity-purified Guinea pig antibody against Kv1.2, also termed KCNA2, a subunit of a pre-synaptic potassium channel which prevents hyperexcitability.

For a complete list of our new product, please visit the News section.


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