SYSY newsletter November 2017

SYSY newsletter November 2017





Species-Specific Antibodies for Xenografts


Dear Jimmy Chen,

Xenografts of human tissues or cells grafted in mouse are a model system to analyze human cancers. For this task researchers have to use antibodies that are absolute species-specific. Such antibodies are often difficult to find on the market. Synaptic Systems has developed antibodies which specifically recognize either human or mouse Ki 67. This protein is a well-established marker for the proliferative index of a cell and often used as pharmacodynamic biomarker.
New in our portfolio is also a Guinea pig antibody against the NGF receptor p75. This protein (also referred to as p75NTR, NGFR or CD271) is a low affinity receptor for several neurotrophic factor as NGF, BDNF, NT-3 and NT-4.
A new member of our group of antibodies for mouse pathology is a Guinea pig antibody against F4/80, an often-used marker for murine macrophages. This antibody works beautifully in FFPE (IHC-P) applications.
Last but not least, Synaptic Systems has introduced this month a Guinea pig antibody against Homer 2 and mouse monoclonal antibody against.

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