SYSY newsletter_July 2017

SYSY newsletter_July 2017



We added the selector resins against the tags GST, MBP, GFP, RFP and TagFP from NanoTag® to our portfolio. These resins are based on high-affinity single-domain antibodies (sdAb) that are immobilized on 4% crosslinked agarose beads. Due to the single-chain nature, these recombinantly produced sdAbs can be attached very firmly and oriented to the resin. sdAbs exhibit an extraordinary strong binding to the tag which allows washing with high stringency buffers. Additionally, no leakage of light and heavy chains will occur during elution with SDS sample buffer which increases the purity and yield of your target protein.

Orders placed until 30-SEP-2017 will get a 50% discount on these products.
New chicken antibodies – against GFP, Homer 1b/c, NET, and GAD1/GAD67 – are also now available. Chicken IgYs have many advantages, such as the animal friendly way of production and they add an additional species for multiple staining experiments. Finally, a Guinea pig antibody against Shank 1/2/3 is now on sale.


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