SYSY_Cast an eye on our new retina and vision research antibodies

SYSY_Cast an eye on our new retina and vision research antibodies



Cast an eye on our new retina and vision research antibodies

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We added a new antibody, against Brn3a, to our portfolio of retina and vision research antibodies. Brn3a, also referred to as POU4F1, RGC-1 or Oct-T1, is a transcription factor. It is highly expressed in the developing peripheral sensory nervous system, in cells of the B- and T-lymphocytic lineages and in certain regions of the CNS. In the retina, Brn3a is a well-established marker for retinal ganglion cells. This new antibody works exceptionally well in IHC applications.
Also new are Fluo-Tag single domain antibodies (nanobodies) against VGluT 1 labeled with different fluorescence dyes which were developed by NanoTag Biotechnologies. Single domain antibodies have several advantages. Owing to their small size the distance between fluorophore and target epitope is below 4 nm, and the precise localization of the target protein renders these products excellent tools for all microscopy techniques.
Another new product is a monoclonal rat antibody against Lamin B1, an ubiquitously expressed protein of the nuclear lamina. This antibody reacts specifically with human Lamin B1 and does not recognize mouse Lamin B1. Together with our mouse-specific Lamin B1 Guinea pig antibody (cat. no. 404 003), cells of mouse and human origin can be distinguished precisely in one sample in mouse PDX-models. An affinity-purified polyclonal Guinea pig antibody against MAP1B-LC1, the light chain of a microtubule and actin filament binding protein, is also new in our stock. This protein plays an important role in axonal growth and synaptic plasticity.

For a complete list of our new product, please visit the News section.

Indirect immunostaining of PFA fixed mouse retina sections with rabbit anti-Brn3a (green). Nuclei have been visualized by DAPI staining (blue).
New SySy Antibodies

Immunostaining of PFA fixed mouse cerebellum sections with FluoTag-X2 anti-VGluT 1, Atto488 labeled (green). Nuclei have been visualized by DAPI staining (blue).

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