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Abbiotec offers over 1,000 products related to neuroscience: antibodies, proteins, peptides, lysates and kits. HOT PRODUCTS: Beta-amyloid 1-42 peptide, Dermorphin peptide, BDNF protein, bFGF protein, TNF-alpha protein, ER alpha/beta antibody, phospho-Beclin antibody, Lipodin protein delivery kit for primary neurons. Visit our website to browse these collections for Cytokines, Hormones, Myelin, Neurotransmitters, Receptors, Signal Transduction and Transcription Factors.



Cytokines       BDNF, CNTF, GDNF, Nestin, Neurturin, Neurotrophins, NGF-beta

Cytoskeleton       Actinin, Actins, GAP43, GFAP, NF, Spectrin-alpha, Tau, Thymosin beta-10, Tubulins

Hormones      ACTH, Adrenomedullin, CGRP, CRF, hCG, Estradiol-17beta, GHRF, PHM, PTH

Myelin     MAG, MBP, MOG, Myelin P0, Neurofascin, Nogo, OMGP, PMP-22, PSEN, Synuclein

Neurotransmitters        AChE, BChE, ChAT, DBH, DDC, Neuropeptide Y, NOS, PACAP, Serotonin

Receptors         ADRA, APP, Artemin, BK Channel, CHRM1, CHRM1, CHRNA1, DAD1, GABRA1, GFR-alpha1, mGluR1, HTR1, KATPC, Lgi4, MTR-1A, NF2, NGFR, NKR, NMDAR, Nociceptin Receptor, NOGO-R, NR2A, NR2B, Substance K/P Receptors, TmR2

Signal Transduction    AKT, CDK5, Deltex-1, EphA/B, GRK2, LRRK2, Nestin, PSD-95, TRKs

Transcription Factors     c-Fos, c-Jun, CREB1, ER alpha/beta, NFkB, Notch, Nurr1, p53, PML, Rb, SLUG


Cytokines & Growth Factors    BDNF, CNTF, EGF, bFGF, GDNF, IL-3, NGF-beta, Sonic Hedgehog, TNF-alpha


Amyloids       Beta Amyloid [1-40], [1-42], [25-35], MBPs

Hormones    CGRP, CRF, Eledoisin, GHRF, Kassinin, Leu-Enkephalin, PACAP, TRH

Neuropeptides   Allatostatin, Apamin, BINP, Buccalin, CARP, Cerebellin, Cortistatin 14, Kyotorphin, M35, Neurokinin A/B, Neuropeptide FF/K/Y/Gamma, Neuromedins, Neurotensin, Octaneuropeptide, Proctolin, Substance K/P

Opioids   Alpha/beta-Endorphins, Crystalline, DAGO, Dermorphin, Deltorphin, Endomorphin, Hemorphin-7, Met-encephalin, Nociceptin, Peptide B/F


Lipodin™ is a protein transfection reagent that transports biologically active peptides, proteins and antibodies directly into living cells. Lipodin™ represents an alternative to nucleic acid transfection for functional studies.


  • Study living cells, no fixation needed
  • Deliver in many cell lines and primary cells including neurons
  • Up to 95% efficiency in less than 5 hours
  • Serum compatible, non cytotoxic.

Fluorescent-labeled antibodies (left: AlexaFluor 488; right: AlexaFluor 546) were mixed with Lipodin-Ab reagent and incubated for 24 hrs with a co-culture of primary neurons and primary glial cells from rat in 35 mm dishes. Cells were observed unfixed by fluorescence microscopy.


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PRODUCT CITATIONS – For a comprehensive list of product citations, refer to the citation webpage.

Cat. No. 250713 IL-10 Antibody for WB in rat brain

Dange R. et al. 2015. J Neuroinflammation. PMID 25879545. Toll-like receptor 4 inhibition within the paraventricular nucleus attenuates blood pressure and inflammatory response in a genetic model of hypertension.

Cat. No. 250716 IL-1 beta Antibody for IHC in rat brain

Ho T-Y et al. 2014. Phytomedicine. PMID 24636743. Uncaria rhynchophylla and rhynchophylline improved kainic acid-induced epileptic seizures via IL-1 beta and brain-derived neurotrophic factor.

Cat. No. 250865 Substance P Antibody for WB in mouse neurons

Kowtharapu BS et al. 2014. Exp Eye Res. PMID 24880142. Corneal epithelial and neuronal interactions: role in wound healing.

Cat. No. 251396 GDNF Antibody for WB in human spinal stem cells

Lunn JS et al. 2015. Stem Cells. PMID 25532472. Autocrine production of IGF-I increases stem cell-mediated neuroprotection.

Cat. No. 251752 GFAP Antibody for IHC in mouse hippocampal oligodendrocytes

Maturana CJ et al. 2017. Dev Neurobiol. PMID 27314460. High glucocorticoid levels during gestation activate the inflammasome in hippocampal oligodendrocytes of the offspring.

Cat. No. 251900 TNF-alpha Antibody for IHC in a mouse Parkinson’s disease model

Pisanu A et al. 2014. Neurobiol Dis. PMID 25134730. Dynamic changes in pro- and anti-inflammatory cytokines in microglia after PPAR-gamma agonist neuroprotective treatment in the MTPp mouse model of progressive Parkinson’s disease.

Cat. No. 350017 Beta Amyloid [1-42] Peptide in beta-amyloid-dependent impairment bioassay

Criscuolo C et al. 2015. Neurobiol Aging. PMID 25554494. BDNF prevents amyloid-dependent impairment of LTP in the entorhinal cortex by attenuating p38 MAPK phosphorylation..


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