Abbiotec | 客製化抗體比您想像的要容易和便宜!

Abbiotec | 客製化抗體比您想像的要容易和便宜!



ABBIOTEC offers Custom Polyclonal Antibody Production Services to help accelerating a project:

From Biology to Discovery.

Prof. M.G. Finn at Georgia Institute of Technology (Atlanta, GA): “I have been very impressed with the care and insights you have provided throughout the project.

Prof. Michael Campa at Duke University Medical Center (Durham, NC): “We are very happy with the western blot results. Your team did a fantastic job!

AS EASY AS 1-2-3

1 – Provide protein or protein sequence

2 – Immunize rabbits with protein or peptide

3 – Collect antisera

Rabbit Polyclonal Antibody Production

Goat Polyclonal Antibody Production

Llama Polyclonal Antibody Production


COVID-19 UPDATE – Abbiotec is open and maintaining normal operations. COVID-19 has not impacted Abbiotec’s ability to deliver any services or products at this time. Thank you for your business as we all work hard to navigate through these challenging times. Stay safe !

What we offer:

  • USDA-registered facility in San Diego, California (Certificate No. 93-R-0569) 
  • Choice of species including large animals: rabbit, goat, sheep, llama
  • High affinity polyclonal antibodies achieved by using our 90-day immunization protocol
  • Antigen preparation services: design, synthesis and conjugation
  • Animal immunization and sera collection procedures based on standard or customized protocols
  • Serum titer monitoring by ELISA
  • Antibody purification services: protein A/G, ammonium sulfate, antigen affinity



  • High quality rabbit polyclonal antibodies for target validation by ELISA, Western Blot, or IHC.
  • Unique large lot for kit assembly (many diagnostic assays currently used worldwide
    have reagents of 
    sheep or goat origin).
  • Rabbit species not applicable for application (secondary for multiplexing, phylogenetic distance between antigen and host species).
  • Production of nanobodies from llama peripheral blood cells or spleen.

Our advantages:

  • USDA-registered facility in San Diego, CA with trained and certified animal care staff
  • Healthy and stress-free animals bred and raised in Southern California
  • Highly-skilled technical support staff is here to help you answer your question and guide you in your choices
  • Experienced, creative and passionate scientists to build a strong relationship and to achieve satisfactionof each of our customers
  • Personalized antigen design and project report
  • Guaranteed timelines
  • Worldwide delivery
  • Competitive prices starting from $240/animal (discounted price*)
  • Order simplified with 3 packages available combining the most common requests: