Abbiotec | 提供能準確檢測磷酸化蛋白的抗體

Abbiotec | 提供能準確檢測磷酸化蛋白的抗體


Phospho-Specific Antibodie Cytoskeletal Proteins Neuronal Proteins Protein Kinases Receptors and Channels Transcription Factors

Antibodies for Accurate Detection of Phospho-Proteins

Phosphoproteins comprise 10-20% of the proteome, and are critical elements in human diseases such as Alzheimer’s and cancer. The detection and quantitation of phosphoproteins is of great utility in further understanding the role of protein phosphorylation in cellular processes and in the progression of Human diseases. Abbiotec’s phospho-specific antibodies are specifically designed to eliminate cross-reactivity and to produce results of the highest quality.

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14-3-3 (Ser58)                                  DARP-32 (Thr34)                           mGluR-7 (Ser862)

5-Lipoxygenase (Ser523)               Dynamin (Ser774)                          Munc-18 (Ser515)

Alpha Synuclein (Ser129)               Elk-1 (Ser383)                                NMDAR2B (Tyr1252)

AQP2 (Ser261)                                 EphB (Tyr331)                                p53 (Ser392)

ATF2 (Ser 490/498)                         GABABR1 (Ser923)                        PAK-1/2/3 (Thr402)

Beclin-1 (Ser15)                              Gap-43 (Ser41)                               Parkin (Ser378)

Beta-Catenin (Ser33/37)                 GluR1 (Ser831)                               PLK-1 (Thr210)

CaMK-II (Thr286)                             GSK3B (Ser9)                                 Raf-1 (Ser301)

Cdc2 (Tyr15)                                    KCNC1 (Ser503)                            Synapsin (Ser 62/67)

Connexin-43 (Ser368)                     MeCP2 (Ser80)                               TAO2 (Ser181)

CREB (Ser133)                                MEK1 (Thr292)                                Tau (Ser416)

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PRODUCT CITATIONS – For a comprehensive list of product citations, refer to the citation webpage.

Cat. No. 250590 CD31 Antibody for IHC in mouse iPS cells

Chen T et al. 2015. Stem cells. PMID 25535084. MicroRNA-199b modulates vascular cell fate during iPS cell differentiation by targeting the notch ligand jagged1 and enhancing VEGF signaling.

Cat. No. 250752 MMP-2 Antibody for WB in human osteosarcoma cells

Zhu J et al. 2015. Mol Med Rep. PMID 25634369. Activin A regulates proliferation, invasion and migration in osteosarcoma cells.

Cat. No. 251534 Catenin beta-1 Antibody for WB and IHC in human LSCC cells and tissues

Li MH et al. 2015. J Transl Med. PMID 26286725. MicroRNA-101 is a potential prognostic indicator of laryngeal squamous cell carcinoma and modulates CDK8.

Cat. No. 254515 Beclin-1 (Ser15) Antibody for WB in mouse brain tissues

Tanji K et. al. 2015. Biochem Biophys Res Commun. PMID 26299928. Trehalose intake induces chaperone molecules along with autophagy in a mouse model of Lewy body disease.

d¯U!lO@8 (6)

Cat. No. 350188 Gastrin 1 Peptide for activating beta cell neogenesis in mouse pancreas

Sasaki S et al. 2015. Diabetology. PMID 26290048. Activation of GLP-1 and gastrin signalling induces in vivo reprogramming of pancreatic exocrine cells into beta cells in mice.

15 ND ND Exendin4 Gastrin Exendin4 + gastrin

If you need an antibody specific for a phosphorylation site you want to test in your protein sequence, ABBIOTEC offers custom polyclonal and monoclonal antibody production services to help accelerate your project:

Prof. M.G. Finn (Georgia Tech): “I have been very impressed with the care and insights you have provided throughout the project”.

Dr. J. Washburn (Univ. of Oklahoma HSC): “You have been very knowledgeable”.


ABBIOTEC is a biotech company founded in 2007 in San Diego, California, a renowned world-class Life Sciences cluster that hosts more than 1,500 research labs and biotech companies. We are focused on developing, producing and commercializing next generation antibodies and unique reagents for the Life Sciences research community including the diagnostic and pharmaceutical markets.

ABBIOTEC offers years of expertise making antibodies and assay kits for catalog products to the scientific and biotech community. With our recently upgraded animal facility, we offer polyclonal antibody production in small and large animals (rabbits, goats, llama) as well as monoclonal antibody production (mice and rats). Because peptide chemistry is an essential tool to biology, we offer custom peptide synthesis services for research-grade peptides.

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