ABBIOTEC | 熱銷前200名抗體 75折優惠

ABBIOTEC | 熱銷前200名抗體 75折優惠


25% Off Listed Price for > 200 Antibodies

ABBIOTEC offers over 4,000 antibodies against biological targets investigated in academic and pharmaceuticals institutions. We focus on developing monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies that are unique in binding a new epitope or in recognizing a new target. Browse our catalog for rabbit, mouse and rat antibodies that are developed for ELISAwestern blot, IHC and flow cytometry applications.


CD4 (Cat. No. 250592)                    CD8 (Cat. No. 250596)                   CD19 (Cat. No. 250585)

CD4 staining in rat pancreas. Paraffin-embedded rat pancreas stained with CD4 Antibody (Cat. No. 250592) used at 1:30 dilution.

CD8 staining in rat pancreas. Paraffin-embedded rat pancreas is stained with CD8 Antibody (Cat. No. 250596) used at a 1:30 dilution.

CD19 staining in rat. Paraffin-embedded rat tumor tissue is stained with CD19 Antibody (Cat. No. 250585) used at 1:200 dilution.

CD31 (Cat. No. 250590)                 CD34 (Cat. No. 250591)                 CD68 (Cat. No. 250594)

CD31 staining in mouse melanoma. Paraffin-embedded mouse melanoma cells are stained with CD31 Antibody (Cat. No. 250590) used at 1:200 dilution.