Abbiotec: Monoclonal抗體的產生->腹水->重組抗體

Abbiotec: Monoclonal抗體的產生->腹水->重組抗體


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ABBIOTEC offers Custom Monoclonal Antibody Production Services to help accelerating a project:
From Biology to Discovery.

Prof. M.G. Finn at Georgia Institute of Technology (Atlanta, GA): “I have been very impressed with the care and insights you have provided throughout the project.
Prof. Michael Campa at Duke University Medical Center (Durham, NC): “We are very happy with the western blot results. Your team did a fantastic job!




What we offer:

  • Antigens: small molecules, peptides, proteins, viral particles, cells
  • Antigen preparation services: design, synthesis and conjugation
  • Animals: mice and rats by hybridoma technology, or human, mouse, rabbit and llama by phage display antibody library technology
  • Hybridoma production: primary screening by ELISA, subcloning, and isotyping
  • Antibody production: clone optimization, in vitro production, ascites production, and purification by protein A/G/L up to 100 mg
  • Cloning & sequencing: cloning of heavy and light chains, and DNA sequencing
  • Large scale production: up to 100 mg per batch
  • Recombinant antibody technologies: cloning in any format (scFv, Fab, whole IgG), or species (human, mouse)



Our advantages:

  • 100% success rate
  • Personalized antigen design and frequent updates with written project report
  • Worldwide delivery of clones and hybridoma cell lines
  • Client owns exclusive rights on generated clones 
  • Order simplified with 3 packages available combining the most common requests
  • Further options for antibody cloning and sequencing

ABBIOTEC offers complimentary peptide design services to ensure the success of your project.
Download our
technical protocol for more information, full description of the packages, monoclonal antibody production description and detailed guarantees.

Refer to these latest publications from research teams that trusted our services:
Meparishvili M. et al. 2015. Front Behav Neurosci. PMID 26635566. A proteomic study of memory after imprinting in the domestic chick.
Mo J-S. et al. 2015. Nat Cell Biol. PMID 25751140. Cellular energy stress induces AMPK-mediated regulation of YAP and the Hippo pathway.
Snider N. et al. 2014. Mol Biol Cell. PMID 25298403. Alternative splicing of human NT5E in cirrhosis and hepatocellular carcinoma produces a negative regulator of ecto-5′-nucleotidase (CD73).
Russell R. et al. 2013. Nat Cell Biol. PMID 23685627. ULK1 induces autophagy by phosphorylating Beclin-1 and activating VPS34 lipid kinase.
Gopaulchan D. et al. 2013. Planta. PMID 24363030. A molecular assessment of the genetic model of spathe color inheritance in Anthurium andraeanum (Hort.).



For standard antibody production services, request a quotation. We answer all requests within 48hrs.
For further details on bulk quantities and large animal projects,
contact your project manager in Technical Support.

Visit our new website for other custom services and product offering!
Looking forward to working with you !


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