ABBIOTEC | peptide合成服務

ABBIOTEC | peptide合成服務



亞旭所代理的Abbiotec生命科學研究領域提供客製化peptide合成服務,以加速開發計畫。由於peptide是生物學的重要工具其中之一,Abbiotec可以將簡單的peptide序列轉化為強大的probe,透過peptide修飾和結合來控制蛋白質活性。Abbiotec 具備為專業的研究人員提供正確的peptide和專業的知識,無論是基本peptide需求還是要用來開發功能測試peptide皆能提供。


Peptide Synthesis

Routine Options


1 mg to 1 gram


Up to 30 aa, successful up to 90 aa


Crude to >98% verified by HPLC



Acetylation, amidation, formylation, methylation, PEGylation, phosphorylation, succinylation, sulfonation
MAPS-2, -4 and -8 branches
Conjugation to BSA, KLH, OVA

Special Amino Acids

D-amino acid, citrulline, ornithine

Labels & Dyes

Biotin, coumarin, Cy dyes, dabcyl, dansyl, DNP, EDANS, FITC, rhodamine, TAMRA, Texas Red


Disulfide bridge, head to tail, side chain

Peptide Library

Min. 48 peptides in 96-well plate, 2-3 mg/peptide with purity>80%, LC-MS analysis available

 最新產品文獻引用 For a complete list of product citations, refer ro the citation webpage.

Cat. No. 350066 Apelin-13 Peptide for behavioral studies in rats
Han L et al. 2016. Neurochem Res. PMID 27216619. Apelin-13 impaires acquisition but not consolidation or expression of contextual fear in rats.

Cat. No. 350221 Hexarelin, 350578 GHRP-1, 350579 GHRP-4, 350580 GHRP-5, 350581 Ipamorelin peptides for GHRP doping detection in human urine.
Min H et al. 2016. Mass Spectrometry Letters. ISSN 2233-4203. LC-MS/MS method for simultaneous analysis of growth hormone-releasing peptides and secretagogues in human urine.

Cat. No. 350362 RGD Peptide immobilized on alloy surface for increasing cell adhesion.
Hsu S-K et al. 2016. Thin Solid Films. In vitro study of Ti-Nb-Sn alloy surface modified with RGD peptide.

Cat. No. 350367 RGES Peptide for cell adhesion assay with human primary adipocyte cells
Leitner et al. 2015. Obesity. PMID 25776538. Immunological blockade of adipocyte inflammation caused by increased matrix metalloproteinase-cleaved osteopontin in obesity.


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