Fc affinity testing services (SPR&BLI) with Fc receptor proteins offered for free

Fc receptors can specifically bind to the Fc region of the immunoglobulins. Currently, FcRn and FcγR are the two most common tested Fc receptors. The interaction between antibodies and Fc receptors can not only affect the half-life but also induce the immune responses including Antibody-dependent cell-mediated cytotoxicity (ADCC), Complement-Dependent Cytotoxicity (CDC), and phagocytosis. The Fc region engineering will change the antibody affinity to the Fc receptors and then change of ADCC or CDC effect. Therefore, it is an important project to optimize the Fc region.

As the global antibody market getting competitive, how to design a different and superior product is going to be the key.Besides the screening of the antibodies binding different epitopes, Fc region engineering is a good method to develop competitive products by means of optimizing the biological effects and half-life of antibodies.

ACROBiosystems developed over 50 high-quality Fc receptor proteins with different tags or from different species to support the antibody structural research.

With a strong team of scientists, ACROBiosystems provides high-quality integrated SPR&BLI analytical services. ACRO has served and collaborated with more than 100 customers from academia and industry. Our work supported multiple antibody drugs IND applications.

All Fc receptor proteins needed are free of charge

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Fc receptor affinity testing to support the therapeutic antibody development

Case study

>> The affinity performance of different IgG antibody subtypes to FcRn receptor-SPR