Choosing the best MSLN protein for MSLN-targeted therapy

Mesothelin (MSLN) is emerging as an attractive target for cancer immunotherapy, considering its low expression on normal mesothelial cells and high expression in a broad spectrum of solid tumors. Strategies targeting MSLN, including antibody-based drugs, vaccines and CAR-T therapies, have been assessed in a large number of preclinical investigations and clinical trials.

To support the development of MSLN-targeted therapy, ACROBiosystems has developed an exclusive collection of MSLN proteins including unconjugated, biotinylated and fluorescent-labeled MSLN. These proteins are ideal for anti-MSLN CAR expression and antibody screening. The high activity verified by FACS, ELISA and SPR as protocol offered for free.

>>> FACS analysis of anti-MSLN CAR expression

Cat. No: MSN-HP223

Product: PE-Labeled Human MSLN (296-580) Protein, His Tag

1e6 of the MSLN-CAR-293 cells were stained with 100 μl of 1:25 dilution (4 μL stock solution in 100 μl dilution buffer) of PE-Labeled Human Mesothelin (296-580), His Tag (Cat. No. MSN-HP223). PE Streptavidin was used as negative control.

Cat. No: MSN-H82E9

Product: Biotinylated Human MSLN (296-580) Protein, His,Avitag

293 cells were transfected with Anti-MSLN-scFv and RFP tag. 2e5 of the cells were first stained with Biotinylated Human Mesothelin (296-580), His,Avitag (Cat. No. MSN-H82E9, 3 µg/mL) and Biotinylated Protein Control, followed by FITC Streptavidin. Non-transfected 293 cells and Biotinylated Protein Control were used as negative control. RFP was used to evaluate CAR (Anti-MSLN-scFv) expression and FITC was used to evaluate the binding activity of Biotinylated Human Mesothelin (296-580), His,Avitag (Cat. No. MSN-H82E9).

>>>The affinity constant of human MSLN protein was 0.518 nM as verified by SPR

Cat. No: MSN-H5223

Product: Human Mesothelin (296-580), His Tag