ACRO | 提供抗體開發上有效的同型二聚體CTLA-4免費樣品!

ACRO | 提供抗體開發上有效的同型二聚體CTLA-4免費樣品!



Finding purer CD3 proteins in 1:1 heterodimer for your BsAb development? Get the free sample now!

CD3-targeted therapeutic antibody usually recognizes the CD3ε in the heterodimer complex to activate the anti-tumor activity of T cells. However, in the process of recombinant expression, CD3E and CD3D can randomly form incorrect heterogeneous complexes, leading to the loss of bioactivity and high batch-to-batch inconsistency.

ACROBiosystems has developed a series of confirmed homogeneous CD3δ/CD3ε and CD3γ/CD3ε proteins with good bioactivity.

·    Purer 1:1 heterodimers verified by non-reducing electrophoresis and MALS

·    Show good performance in different applications in therapeutic antibody development

·    Used for the development of a bispecific antibody in clinical phase successfully

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