ACRO | 提供獨特的天然折疊生物素化CD19蛋白來染色CAR-T細胞

ACRO | 提供獨特的天然折疊生物素化CD19蛋白來染色CAR-T細胞



Finding an Exclusive Native Folded Biotinylated CD19 Protein for Staining CAR-T cells

It is an important topic for therapeutic monoclonal antibodies to optimize the antibody structure and obtain the ideal antibody with affinity to Fc receptor. Therefore, high-quality Fc receptors are indispensable in the development of antibody drugs.

ACROBiosystems offers more than 50 Fc receptors with different molecules, species, tags and biotin conjunction to help expedite your mAb development.

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Based on the Biacore T200/8K platform and ForteBio Octet platform, ACROBiosystems provides SPR /BLI analytical services to our valued customers.

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·    High purity, bioactivity and batch-to-batch consistency

·    SPR/BLI verified and protocol offered for free

·    Biotinylated ones are available

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