ACRO | 提供用於您的BsAb發育的免費樣品 !

ACRO | 提供用於您的BsAb發育的免費樣品 !


ACROBiosystems 提供在11異源二聚體中找到更純淨的CD3蛋白用於您的BsAb發育的免費樣品!

Finding an active homodimer CTLA-4 for your antibody development? Come and get the free sample!


With wave upon wave of the successful application in drug combination and bispecific antibody trials, CTLA-4 has attracted more and more attentions from scientists.

CTLA-4 protein, also named CD152 protein, is a kind of T cell receptor which is active as a homodimer.

Fig 1. Structure of CTLA-4 dimer

ACROBiosystems has developed an active homodimer CTLA-4 protein (Cat.# CT4-H52H9) with high purity over 90%, which is verified by SEC-MALS. In addition, ACROBiosystems also developed a series of CTLA-4 proteins with more than 5 species (human, mouse, cynomolgus, etc.) and 5 tags (Fc, His, AvitagTM, etc.) to support your antibody drug development.

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Fig 2. The purity of Human CTLA-4, His Tag (Cat. No. CT4-H52H9) was more than 90% and the molecular weight of this protein is around 45-60 kDa verified by SEC-MALS.