ACRO | 超過40種具有多重物種和標籤的Fc受體

ACRO | 超過40種具有多重物種和標籤的Fc受體


 ACRO 線上擁有超過40種以上

通過SPR / BLI / ELISA驗證的具有多重物種標籤的Fc受體】




40+ Fc receptors with multiple species and tags verified by SPR/BLI/ELISA


The efficacy of a therapeutic antibody not only depends on the Fab fragment and its binding activity to the target antigen, but also depends on the Fc fragment and its interaction with key Fc receptors. The binding affinity of the Fc fragment towards FcRn (FCGRT&B2M) would predict the antibody’s half-life, while that between the Fc fragment and FcγRIIIa (CD16a) would influence the antibody’s ability to elicit ADCC (antibody dependent cell mediated cytotoxicity). Therefore, candidates must be tested against a panel of receptors during antibody engineering.

ACROBiosystems offers 47 Fc receptors with different molecules, species, tags and biotin conjunction to help expedite your mAb development.


 High puritybioactivity and batch-to-batch consistency

 HPLC/SPR/BLI verified and protocol offered for free

 Biotinylated ones are available





 High purity


Fig. 1 The purity of Human Fc gamma RIIA / CD32a (R167) Protein (Cat. No. CDA-H5221) is greater than 95% as determined in a HPLC analysis.



 Bioactivity validated by SPR


Fig. 2 Human CD64, His Tag (SPR & BLI verified) (Cat. No. FCA-H52H1) captured on CM5 chip via anti-His antibody can bind Herceptin with an affinity constant of 4.92 nM as determined in a SPR assay (Biacore 8K)



High Batch-to-batch Consistency


Fig. 3 Batch consistency of Human Fc gamma RIIB / CD32b (Cat. No. CDB-H5228). The consistency of different batches is more than 90%.



Biotinylated CD16a and more



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