ACRO |10月份特色產品

ACRO |10月份特色產品


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New launched products

>>> FAP Homodimer with High Enzyme Activity for Solid Tumor Study

FAP is a promising therapeutic target for solid tumor due to its unique enzymatic activity and selective expression in tumor microenvironment, which is enzymatically active as a homodimer. The homodimer purity, binding capacity and enzyme activity have been verified by SEC-MALS, ELISA and enzyme assay respectively, and the specific enzyme activity is greater than 8000 pmol/min/µg.

>>> Highly sensitive PE-BCMA for CAR detection

ACROBiosystems has developed the exclusive PE-BCMA protein with high sensitivity and high specificity as verified by FACS. This protein is ideal for detecting anti-BCMA CAR expression and pharmacokinetic (PK) study in clinical trials.

Hot products

>>> MALS & NS-EM verified super stable trimeric S protein for therapeutics, vaccines and diagnostics

This is the only verified trimeric S protein on the market. Our SEC-MALS and negative-stain EM data reveal that ACRO’s S protein is in the correct trimer form under physiological conditions, and purity is over 90%. The ELISA data shows that the S trimer protein binds to human ACE-2 protein and anti-SARS-CoV-2 neutralizing antibody well.

>>> Antibody pair verified by inactivated virus samples

The matched S1/N antibody pairs have been verified using inactivated virus samples. The sensitivity of the sandwich ELISA can be as low as 12pg/mL. The titer, which was determined using our LFA assay, is as low as 100 CCID50.

>>> High homogeneity and bioactivity CD47 proteins

The CD47 and SPIR-alpha related proteins are homogeneous and active verified by HPLC/FACS/SPR/BLI and suitable for immunization, neutralizing antibody screening and more.

R&D articles

>>> COVID-19 anti-nucleocapsid antibodies verified with inactivated virus samples

The antibody pairs are the critical reagents for antigen test kits. However, for the antigen test development, the current dilemma is how to choose a sample for the assay development. The most reliable way to evaluate your antigen test is using inactivated virus for the assay development.

>>> Recombinant Spike Protein Trimer: more powerful than you think

S protein is going to be the key to get the stable and uniform trimeric S protein reagent for the development of vaccines, therapeutic antibodies, or serological test kits. We will walk you through a few different scenarios that recombinant spike trimer protein could help in the following part.

>>> SPR&BLI analytical service for the overall process of antibody drug development

ACROBiosystems has served and collaborated with more than 100 customers from academia and industry. Our work supported multiple antibody drugs IND applications. Here, ACROBiosystems Detection and Analysis Service Center will share how SPR&BLI technology can support you during the overall process for antibody drug development.


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