ACRO Biosystems | 免疫研究好夥伴:用於藥物開發的 Chemokines 和 GPCRs

ACRO Biosystems | 免疫研究好夥伴:用於藥物開發的 Chemokines 和 GPCRs


Immune Partners: Chemokines & GPCRs for Drug Discovery

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The correspondence between chemokines and their receptors

Chemokines binding to receptors, members of the superfamily of G protein-coupled receptors (GPCRs), orchestrates a complex regulatory network in the immune system, impacting autoimmune and cancer diseases. This makes chemokines and GPCRs attractive targets for drug development. ACROBiosystems offers a comprehensive selection of generic, multi-label chemokines (CC, CXC, CX3C) expressed in HEK293 cell. We address the challenges of full-length GPCR production by utilizing VLP, Micelle Detergent and Nanodisc technologies. These platforms enable us to provide high-quality GPCRs proteins, including GPRC5D, CXCR4, CCR5, CCR8, and recently launched CCR4 and CCR6, suitable for diverse applications including immunization ELISA, SPR, and BLI.

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Verification Data

High biological activity verified by ELISA

Immobilized Human CCR4 Full Length Protein (VLP) (Cat. No. CC4-H52P3) at 5 μg/mL (100 μL/well) can bind Human Anti-CCR4 antibody, Human IgG1 with a linear range of 0.01-0.625 μg/mL (QC tested).

High structural homogeneity verified by DLS

The mean peak Radius of VLP (Cat. No. CC4-H52P3) is 50-80 nm with more than 95% intensity as determined by dynamic light scattering (DLS).


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