ACROBiosystems |了解抗SLAMF7 CAR-T細胞療法的新出版物,並免費試用PE-SLAMF7蛋白!

ACROBiosystems |了解抗SLAMF7 CAR-T細胞療法的新出版物,並免費試用PE-SLAMF7蛋白!


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On October 8, 2020, a study has been published in Nature communications indicated that T cells expressing a CD28-containing anti-SLAMF7 CAR and a suicide switch capable of eliminating CAR T cells on demand exhibit increased anti-tumor activity and decreased toxicity.


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Researchers from University of California-Los Angeles find that BCMA/CS1 single-chain bispecific CAR-T cells exhibit superior CAR expression and function compared to T cells that co-express individual BCMA and CS1 CARs. The BCMA/CS1 bispecific CAR presents a promising treatment approach to prevent antigen escape in CAR-T cell therapy against MM.


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The newly launched PE-labeled SLAMF7 protein (Cat. No. SL7-HP2H3)

at ACROBiosystems is a powerful tool for detecting anti-SLAMF7 CAR expression by one step staining with high sensitivity and high specificity. Besides PE-labeled version, FITC and Biotin-labeled SLAMF7 proteins are also available. The bioactivity of these products has been verified by flow cytometry.


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Validation Data by FACS


ProductPE-Labeled Human SLAMF7 Protein, His Tag

Cat. NoSL7-HP2H3







1e6 of the anti-SLAMF7 CAR-293 cells were stained with 100 μL of 1:50 dilution (2 μL stock solution in 100 μL FACS buffer of PE-Labeled Human SLAMF7 Protein, His Tag (Cat. No. SL7-HP2H3)

and negative control protein respectively, PE signals was used to evaluate the binding activity (QC tested).





ProductFITC-Labeled Human SLAMF7, His Tag

Cat. NoSL7-HF2H7






2e5 of Anti-SLAMF7 CAR-293 cells were stained with 100 μL of 10 μg/mL of FITC-Labeled Human SLAMF7, His Tag (Cat. No. SL7-HF2H7

) and negative control protein respectively, FITC signal was used to evaluate the binding activity (QC tested)








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PepTalk 2021: The Protein Science and Production Week





Time: Jan 19-21, 2021, PST


PepTalk: Where the Protein Science Community Comes To Life


While a lot has changed since PepTalk was launched in 2001, the number one goal has always been the same – to serve and unite the biotherapeutics community.


As Peptalk celebrates 20th year, a fully integrated virtual event for 2021 will continue to serve as a content hub for the latest research and biotherapeutics developments, provide a 1:1 networking platform, offer an interactive exhibit hall, live Q&A sessions, breakout


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ACRO’s talk


Day One: January 19 at 1:50 p.m. PST.

Tittle: When science gets lucky: Targeting Spike protein for effective vaccine and therapeutics against SARS-CoV-2


Program/Track:  Protein &Antibody Therapeutics – Hindsight Is 2020: Application of Accelerated Vaccines and Therapeutics Development




The global SARS-CoV-2 pandemic has challenged healthcare systems around the world even after almost a year of efforts to contain spread and treat patients. One of the brightest spots has been the record pace of scientific and medical discoveries that have led to generation of promising vaccines and antibody therapeutic against SARS-CoV-2 centered on Spike protein (S). ACROBiosystems is proud to support development of vaccines and therapeutics against COVID-19.


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Prajwal Paudel, Ph.D.


Product Development Scientist 

at ACROBiosystems 



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