AG Scientific | 大包裝的選擇,為您客制標籤等服務!

AG Scientific | 大包裝的選擇,為您客制標籤等服務!


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"enefits of Choosing AGS ASYour Proteinase K Supplier "G Scientific Prod.# P-1264 Proteinase K (Recombinant) Molecular Grade HARWuu 'RRffA.*T' Read Now AG Scientific

Proteinase K (also known as protease K or endopeptidase K) is used in microbiology and is is a broad-spectrum serine protease. Proteinase K is extremely useful in DNA extraction and protecting the nucleic acids from degradation.

Proteinase K has been in short supply in the global marketplace. To alleviate some of the pain, we have identified a verified, high quality manufacturer to keep you stocked up!

AG Scientific has a proven track record of supplying the highest quality enzymes to the life science industry.

Proteinase K without Delay

At AG Scientific, we are ready to meet your requirements with Proteinase K available in sold and solution formats. Bulk quanites required? Let us know!

Custom packaging and labeling needed? No problem! We guarantee:

  • A personalized response within 24 hours of your inquiry
  • Accountability & personalized customer service
  • Fair & equitable prices from the start
  • The highest quality standards
  • Comprehensive OEM services

Key Properties

  • 2 year shelf life, highly stable 
  • 6x greater activity than Pronase and 3x greater activity than bovine trypsin
  • Broad substrate specificity
  • Stable & active over a wide pH range (4-12), maximal activity between pH 7.5-12.0
  • Active with SDS, urea, & EDTA.
  • Inactivated by DFP and PMSF

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