Alomone | 提供簡化多重免疫染色相關產品 

Alomone | 提供簡化多重免疫染色相關產品 


Alomone Labs

Complex multiplex made simpler

Complex multiplex made simpler

Whether it’s a multiplex staining setup for spatial correlation analysis, you’ve already got your hands full with immuno-colocalization experiments. Let us make it simpler.

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ATTO-conjugated primary antibodies

ATTO-conjugated primary antibodies

Conjugating a fluorophore like ATTO directly to the primarily means you don’t have to worry about a secondary antibody (or the extra washing steps that go along with it). Not only is this convenient and quicker, it means you don’t need to worry about the secondary binding non-specifically.

Guinea pig-raised antibodies

As you’re well aware, as the number of targets in your multiplex goes up, so does the complexity of antibody selection. Our guinea-pig raised antibodies, make that easier by giving your more options.

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