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antibodies-online | SARS-CoV-2蛋白突變體


【antibodies-online | SARS-CoV-2蛋白突變體】


Genomic mutations play a key role in propagation of SARS-COV-2 and virus in general.

Genomic mutations play a key role in propagation of SARS-COV-2 and virus in general. They may facilitate infection and pose an additional challenge for detection by the host cell. This turns them into important research targets especially in the context of vaccine and drug design. The mutation D614G (Asp614Gly) has become dominant in the european region indicating a fitness advantage relative to the original Wuhan strain that enables more rapid spread. 

Several recent studies indicate that the D614G mutation diminishes the interaction between the S1 and S2 units, facilitating the shedding of S1 from viral-membrane-bound S2. This leads to an increase of total S protein incorporated into the virion and therefore more stable virus particles.¹ ² ³ antibodies-online offers this SARS-CoV-2 S protein D614G mutant in a trimeric form, facilitating researchers for more detailed virological and immunological studies on the biological effect of the mutation.

Besides D614G, several other mutations have been discovered. The mutations V367F (Val367Phe), N354D (Asn354Asp), W436R (Trp436Arg) or V483A (Val483Ala) of the S1 protein have been shown to bind with higher affinity to ACE2.³ ⁴ R408I (Arg408Ile) on the other hand potentially reduce the ACE2 binding affinity ⁵. You can find SARS-CoV-2 spike proteins with selected mutations down below or use the button and discover all mutations on our platform.


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D614G (Asp614Gly)


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V367F (Val367Phe)


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N354D (Asn354Asp)


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W436R (Trp436Arg)


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V483A (Val483Ala)


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R408I (Arg408Ile)


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