Antibody Research: 克隆和同位素標記的蛋白質促銷活動訊息

Antibody Research: 克隆和同位素標記的蛋白質促銷活動訊息


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Antibody Research Corporation

Custom Labeled Protein Services on Sale
For a limited time 20% off on gene cloning, protein production.
Non-radioactive heavy isotope labeled protein production.
In E. coli or mammalian cells.

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Sale: Gene Cloning and Protein Production

Sale 20% off ending on August 30
Starting at $3000 for E.coli production.
Or Production in Mammalian cells.
Contact us for more information.
Request a quote now. 
Guaranteed Service. Made in USA
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Sale: Isotope Labeled Protein ProductionSale 20% off ending August 30
Non-radioactive heavy isotope labels.
Starting at $4995 only in E. coli.
Also offer in mammalian cells.
Guaranteed Service. Made in USA.
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HyMax: Hybridoma Fusion & Cloning Supplement

HyMax is our proprietary Hybridoma Supplement Media.
New customers request a FREE SAMPLE.
Guaranteed high clonality and viability of clones. 

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Product of USA.





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