APExBIO | 現在為您提供96微孔板規格的FDA所批准的藥物庫

APExBIO | 現在為您提供96微孔板規格的FDA所批准的藥物庫


DiscoveryProbe Compound Libraries, Cost less for more 

APExBIO is now offering a 96-well Microplate format with peelable foil seal and EVA cap (20 μL/well, 10 mM DMSO solutions) for FDA-approved Drug Library, starts at just 1580$.


More size formats, Just the right volume you need 

Check out our standard storage format, a 96-well rack with Matrix 2D Barcoded ScrewTop Storage tubes (250 μL or 100 μL/well, 10 mM DMSO).

Even better, a 96-well DeepWell format with peelable foil seal and EVA cap (100 μL/well, 10 mM DMSO) is available for all our compound libraries, cost 20% less than the standard format.

Introducing DiscoveryProbe Clinical & FDA approved Drug Library 

An upgraded version of FDA approved Drug Library, contains not only FDA-approved drugs, but also compounds that have passed phase 1 clinical trial. A premier collection of 2726 compounds that covers diverse range of targets and therapeutic areas, designed for your drug repositioning studies.Supplied in 3 sizes/storage formats.

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Diverse Ranges Proven Qualities 

Over 5000 biologically active compounds that have proven pharmacological activity, covers wide ranges of research areas.

Custom-built libraries are available to meet your needs.

DiscoveryProbe™ FDA-approved Compound Library

1970+ compounds

DiscoveryProbe™ Natural Product Library Plus

1170+ compounds

DiscoveryProbe™ Kinase Inhibitor Library

790+ compounds

DiscoveryProbe™ Epigenetics Compound Library

320+ compounds

DiscoveryProbe™ Bioactive Compound Library Plus

4400+ compounds

DiscoveryProbe™ Protease Inhibitor Library

820+ compounds

40+ Screening Libraries are available from APExBIO 

Looking for Virtual Screening? 

APExBIO provides Virtual Screening (VS) service, which is divided into Ligand-based VS (LBVS) and Structure-based VS (SBVS). This novel method is a computational technique used in drug discovery to identify those structures which are most likely to bind to a drug target. Besides our own compound library, we also provide service based on larger public databases according to your requirement. Welcome to contact us for more details.

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Choose from our entire catalog of 16000+ products, 40+ types of compound libraries or tailor-made library of your choice, starts at just ~1000$.

Select from public compound database containing over 5 million purchasable compounds, starts at just ~3000$.

Super high-performance computing cluster with a total of 16 compute nodes.


APExBIO Technology LLC is a premier provider of small molecule inhibitors/activators, compounds libraries, peptides and assay kits. We can also supply fluorescent dyes, various enzymes, modified nucleotide and further mRNA synthesis service for molecular biology research. With industry leading research/development/manufacturing abilities, we keep bringing advanced research reagents for scientists across the globe.


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