Aves Labs | 介紹新小膠質標記AIF1(Iba1)

Aves Labs | 介紹新小膠質標記AIF1(Iba1)


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Introducing our new microglial marker AIF1 (Iba1)



Our new chicken anti-AIF1/Iba1 antibody is a useful tool for neuroscientists looking to perform multiplex labeling experiments. Due to its strong expression in brain microglia AIF1/Iba1 is a widely used microglial marker. Available in both full-size (100ug) and trial size (20ug) formats.




Aves Labs Integrin -M antibody (MAC) used to study microglia involvement in neurodegenerative conditions.


Merlo, S., Spampinato, S.F., Beneventano, M. et al. The contribution of microglia to early synaptic compensatory responses that precede β-amyloid-induced neuronal death. Sci Rep 8, 7297 (2018).



Immunofluorescence staining of organotypic hippocampal cultures.
(Image used under Creative Commons License 4.0







Custom Chicken Antibodies from the Experts

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performed in our ISO-, USDA-, NIH- and FDA-certified facilities.




What We’re Reading:  Limited testing of experimental antibody therapy shows removal of N3pG beta amyloid in Alzheimer’s patients.

Brendan from our corporate office notes this press release

on an experimental antibody-based Alzheimer’s treatment that targets a type of beta amyloid protein.



Image: Beta-Amyloid-positive “neuritic plaque” in cerebral cortex as seen in a post-mortum specimen taken from an Alzheimer’s disease patient.


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