Biomedica | 線上新型強大的VEGF ELISA

Biomedica | 線上新型強大的VEGF ELISA


Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor (VEGF) induces angiogenesis, but also disrupts vascular barrier function in diseased tissues. VEGF-mediated pathogenic effects are due to its effects on vascular permeability, resulting in injury to ischemic tissues after stroke or myocardial infarction. In cancer, VEGF-mediated disruption of the vascular barrier may lead to metastatic disease.

VEGF can reliably be measured with a novel

Human VEGF ELISA assay 


utilizing epitope-mapped recombinant antibodies enabling a highly sensitive and specific quantification of VEGF in various sample types.

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3D structure of human VEGF dimer with antibody epitopes:

Recombinant capture antibody – purple

Detection Antibody – blue


• SMALL sample volume – only 10 µl/wellrequired

• HIGH SENSITIVITY – measurable values in both serum AND plasma

• RELIABLE – rigorously validated according to FDA/EMEA/ICH guidelines

• EXCELLENT CORRELATION to existing methods

Check out our Poster: “Highly sensitive quantification of human VEGF with an ELISA


Review: VEGF in Signaling and Disease: Beyond Discovery and Development. Apte RS et al., Cell. 2019; 176, 6: 1248–64.

Complete ready to use ELISA kits for superior performance and reproducibility

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