Biopharma PEG | LNPs藥物賦形劑首選-PEG Lipids

Biopharma PEG | LNPs藥物賦形劑首選-PEG Lipids

PEG Derivatives
| PEG Raw Materials


亞旭所代理的Biopharma PEG提供多種實驗或科學研究用等級的高品質PEG原物料以及PEG延伸物

  • 超過5000多種單分散和多分散 PEG 衍生物可供選擇
  • 多種官能基團包含amino, azide, maleimides, thoil, phospholipids, fluorescein等等
  • 每個產品提供QC報告(LC/MS、NMR 和 HPLC)
  • 實驗室規模到大規模 GMP 生產需求皆能滿足


CAS No. 9004-74-4
Research Area: PEG Raw Materials, Drug Delivery


mPEG-OH is one of the most common PEG raw materials for further derivatization to prepare other reactive functional groups on PEG. It has so far been used for various commercial PEGylated drugs, such as PEG-Interferon and PEG-GCSF.




Research Area: PEGylation, Drug Delivery


mPEG-AA is one type of linear monofunctional PEG acid reagent. There is a methylene (CH2) linkage between PEG and the COOH group. mPEG-AA is also called mPEG-CM, carboxyl methyl,  is critical PEG material for PEGylated drug and LNP drug delivery system. 




CAS No. 1849616-42-7
Research Area: LNP for mRNA Vaccine delivery


Also known as ALC-0159, it is a PEG/lipid conjugate (i.e. PEGylated lipid).  According to public information,  it is one of the excipients of Pfizer’s COVID-19 mRNA vaccine.




Research Area: LNP for mRNA Vaccine delivery


DSPE-PEG-Mannose is a phospholipid for drug delivery systems, especially for mRNA vaccine delivery. It is an active target material, which can be used as an antitumor drug carrier and a liposome for targeted delivery. 




CAS NO. 160743-62-4
Research Area: LNP for mRNA Vaccine delivery


mPEG-DMG is a lipid excipient that has been used in combination with other lipids in the formation of lipid nanoparticles. It has been used in the development of lipid nanoparticles for the delivery of mRNA-based vaccines.

Lipid nanopartical(LNPs)可將mRNA疫苗相關的材料全部包裹,保護mRNA不被降解,也能有效完成mRNA傳遞到細胞內。LMPs主要包含四種成分:ionizable lipids, neutral auxiliary lipids, cholesterol以及PEGylated lipids,其中 PEG可以提高LNP的穩定性和壽命。Biopharma PEG 目前已擴大 LNP 相關 PEG 衍生物的 GMP 生產,可以提供最全面等級的產品。



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