Biosensis |BDNF和proBDNF生理學介紹

Biosensis |BDNF和proBDNF生理學介紹


The Secrets of Human Blood

BDNF and proBDNF Physiology - The Secrets of Human Blood


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Mature BDNF quantification in human blood has been of intense focus over the last decade, with increasing number of studies investigating the role of mature BDNF in diverse research fields such as excercise metabolism and drug use. For instance, Miyamoto

et al.
found that serum BDNF levels are increased in high-cadence aerobic excercise. In another study, Holze
et al.
found significantly increased plasma BDNF levels after administration of high LSD doses.


Research into proBDNF physiology has lagged behind, with studies aiming at identifying the source of blood proBDNF. In their recent publication, Le Blanc

et al.
reported that human platelets contain proBDNF, but in contrast to mature BDNF, is not released upon platelet activation, adding further complexity to the mature BDNF/proBDNF relationship.



Human platelets contain proBDNF, detected with rabbit antibody to proBDNF (R-176-20

). Image taken from Le Blanc
et al
., 2020, Figure 1A.


Despite intense scrutiny, specific detection and accurate quantification of both isoforms remains a challenge. Biosensis' popular Mature BDNF (BEK-2211

) and proBDNF (BEK-2237
) RapidTM ELISA kits address these issues. Our Technical Notes highlight the importance of appropriate validation methods and potential pitfalls when using other commercially available immunoassays.


Technical Note on Mature BDNF Quantification by ELISA

Technical Note on proBDNF Quantification by ELISA


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