BT LAB| 產品推薦 阿茲海默症研究相關抗體

BT LAB| 產品推薦 阿茲海默症研究相關抗體


在過去幾年,已經有許多研究證實阿茲海默症與腦組織內有大量斑塊和纏結的累積有關,其形成原因是由 tau蛋白所影響,因此 tau蛋白也就成為研究和做為治療的熱門標的。

亞旭所代理的BT Lab推出一系列的阿茲海默症研究相關抗體,包含了各式tau抗體以及抗體,在WB, ELISA, IF, IHC-P實驗上提供很大的幫助。







Antibodies for Alzheimer’s disease research



During the past dozen years, a steadily accumulating body of evidence has indicated that soluble forms of Aβ and tau work together, independently of their accumulation into plaques and tangles, to drive healthy neurons into the diseased state and that hallmark toxic properties of Aβ require tau. The behavioral symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease(AD) correlate with the accumulation of plaques and tangles, and they are a direct consequence of the damage and destruction of synapses that mediate memory and cognition.






Tau(10E3) Monoclonal Ab



Tau is a brain-specific, axon-enriched microtubule-associated protein and plays a primarily role in maintaining the stability of microtubules in axons and is abundant in the neurons of the central nervous system (CNS).





Amyloid-β polyclonal Ab



Amyloid-beta peptides are the main component of the amyloid plaques found in the brains of Alzheimer’s disease patients. Aβ plays a critical role and may be an upstream molecule in AD pathogenesis.









LINE 線上諮詢



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