Creative BioMart | 靈敏準確的細胞信號分析試劑盒

Creative BioMart | 靈敏準確的細胞信號分析試劑盒


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In biology, cell signaling governs the basic activities of cells and coordinates multiple-cell actions. A signal is an entity that codes or conveys information. Biological processes are complex molecular interactions that involve a lot of signals. The ability of cells to use these signals to perceive and correctly respond to their microenvironment is the basis of development, tissue repair, and immunity, as well as normal tissue homeostasis.
Transferring information from one location to another involves many components forming signal transduction cascades or pathways. Errors in these signaling pathways, caused by mutations that may result in constitutive expression, activation, or inhibition of signaling proteins, are responsible for diseases such as cancer, autoimmunity, and diabetes. Understanding cell signaling enables researchers to study diseases more effectively.
Creative BioMart provides a variety of kits, including colorimetric, fluorescent, or luminescent-based, to measure different cell signaling pathways. Our kits can assess receptors, secondary messengers, protein kinases, and other related molecules.
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