Creative Diagnostics | 關於聚合物納米顆粒的合成與應用

Creative Diagnostics | 關於聚合物納米顆粒的合成與應用


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Nanoparticles (NP) are particles with a diameter below the micron dimension and in the range of 10-100 nm. A polymer-based NP is usually referred to as PNP, although exclusively suggesting nanospheres and nanocapsules.
The field of PNPs is developing rapidly and is essential for photonics, electronics, sensors, medicine, pollution control, and environmental technology. For a long time, PNPs have been used as the main components of established everyday coatings, paints, and adhesive products. Recently, their applications are expanded to biomedical fields such as bioimaging, drug delivery, and diagnosis. PNP-based materials have unique physical and chemical properties and will be indispensable in developing new nanomaterials in the future.
Here we briefly introduce some traditional methods to prepare PNPs and their green synthesis. In our opinion, we should take these low-cost and safe methods seriously. Their importance is also discussed based on their application.



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