CUSABIO | Exosome Isolation Kits的9大優點~告訴您為何要選擇使用它!

CUSABIO | Exosome Isolation Kits的9大優點~告訴您為何要選擇使用它!


CUSABIO Exosome Isolation Kit purifies exosome by affinity purification. High Purity exosomes and other Evs from cell culture medium can be easily obtained by this method.

Exosomes isolated by this product can be used in Transmission electron microscope analysis, Nanoparticle tracking analysis, NanoFCM analysis, Western Blot, Fluorescence quantitative (qPCR), High-Throughput Sequencing, etc.

Why Choose CUSABIO Exosome Isolation Kits

  • Suitable for a variety of sample types
  • There are up to 3 x 1011 particles of purified exosomes per millilitre
  • The exosomes extracted are complete in shape, spherical or dish-shaped, with uniform particles
  • The exosomes extracted by CUSABIO Exosome Isolation Kit are comparable to ultracentrifugation
  • It is suitable for the isolation of exosomes from the supernatant of a variety of cells
  • Vesicles are structurally intact
  • No ultracentrifugation or phenol/chloroform step required
  • No equipment requirement
  • Simple to use

CD9 (CSB-MA004969A0m)

ENO1 (CSB-MA007670A0m)

1.      Exosomes extracted from plasma

2.      Exosomes extracted from serum

3.      Exosomes extracted from urine

4.      Exosomes extracted from Hela cells

5.      Exosomes extracted from latex

6.      Exosomes extracted from latex

Exosomes extracted from Hela cells

Exosomes extracted from serum

Exosomes extracted from plasma

Exosomes extracted from latex

Exosomes extracted from saliva

Exosomes extracted from urine

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