CUSABIO | Proteinase K -適用於COVID-19核酸提取試劑盒

CUSABIO | Proteinase K -適用於COVID-19核酸提取試劑盒


CUSABIO Proteinase K is applied in the nucleic acid extraction kit and completely digest various nucleases and other proteins. It can prevent viral nucleic acid degradation and optimize extraction efficiency.

    • Complete Degradation of Nuclease

Detect Nucleic acid residue by agarose gel electrophores

Detect DNase residue by agarose gel electrophores

Detect RNase residue by agarose gel electrophores

    • High Purity

    • High Stability

Purity greater than 95% as determined by SDS-PAGE.

Enzymetic activities were asaayed every month during one year. It indicates that proteinase K is stable and enzyme activity is maintained more than 95%.

    • High Activity

Using the absorbance A275 as the vertical axis and different concentrations of tyrosine as the horizontal axis, a standard curve was drawn, and the enzyme activity was calcu lated 30U/mg.

Activity measurements from cusabio were compared to from three other vendors. Proteinase K from cusabio is better than other vendors.

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