Ichorbio 8月份新產品發表

Ichorbio 8月份新產品發表


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August Update



New Products

Ten new products have been added to our product list – please click link for the updated price list.

Three of these products compete with Bio X Cell:
ICH1171: clone 20D5 (BE0321)
ICH1178: clone MFL3 (BE0319)
ICH1153: clone H57-597 (BE0102)*


As always these are included on the comparison table here.


New Naming Convention

We’ve decided to change the name of our human antibodies away from “in vivo antibody – low endotoxin” to “bulk human antibody”. This makes much more sense as no one will be using our antibodies in vivo in humans – at least we hope not!! Researchers of human antibodies are also much more likely to be searching for bulk suppliers than any other terms.

We appreciate these are mid-year changes so there is absolutely no requirement to change your own product names until the end of the year. Just add the 8 new products for now and do the bulk product description update when you have time.


New Validation Images & Videos

We continue to be grateful to our Korean partner Binaree for their support in providing application images and videos. Please see below for a couple of images and our Youtube channel here for the latest videos. 




Brand Focus

We are currently focusing the brand on three ranges:
1. In vivo antibodies
2. Bulk human antibodies
3. Research biosimilars

We’ve updated the banners on our homepage to reflect this.


End of Year Promotion

We would love all our distributors to join us in offering an end of year promotion to all potential customers. Please contact James directly (james@ichor.bio) to discuss what options are available. 






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