Indoor Biotechnologies | 用於診斷和2021管道的過敏原組件

Indoor Biotechnologies | 用於診斷和2021管道的過敏原組件


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February 2021



Indoor Biotechnologies is pleased to have served the allergen diagnostic industry over 10 years. Using our proven expertise in structural biology and protein expression, Indoor Biotechnologies has designed and created a comprehensive portfolio of allergen components for diagnostic use, including dust mite, animal, food, mold, pollen, cockroach, venom and other allergens.

Indoor Biotechnologies manufactures over 100 allergen molecules and other biologics. Take a look at our complete list of allergen components

, as well as our Allergen Pipeline for 2021

. Our goal is to partner with clients to provide consistent, high performance components with a broad spectrum of diagnostic applications.

In addition, InBio® has recently licensed* a unique portfolio of Human IgE Monoclonal Antibodies

, a technological breakthrough that is poised to make a significant impact on diagnostic applications. The human IgE monoclonal antibodies are are derived from allergic patients with a clinical history of allergic disease and an excellent alternative to allergic-sera for diagnostic purposes.

Contact Beattie Sturgill to discuss business opportunities in allergy and in other biologics systems.



InBio® Allergen Pipeline 2021


As part of the molecular approach to allergen diagnostics, Indoor Biotechnologies is rapidly expanding its portfolio of allergen components. This year’s R&D efforts will focus on a variety of food, animal and pollen allergens. Plan ahead with the Allergen Pipeline 2021







InBio® Allergen Value – What Sets Us Apart








Human IgE Monoclonal Antibodies
Unique and Exclusive* Product to InBio®





Indoor Biotechnologies’ initial panel consists of 15 IgE monoclonal antibodies to major inhaled and food allergens from dust mite, cat, dog, egg, peanut, cashew, and walnut. Applications include:

  • QC and validation of purified allergens for molecular diagnostics
  • In vitro IgE diagnostic tests, calibrators, controls, alternatives to human sera
  • Molecular reference standards for IgE
  • Epitope analysis and localization of IgE epitopes
  • Mast cell/basophil activation assays and histamine release
  • Animal models of anaphylaxis


*Indoor Biotechnologies has signed a license agreement with Vanderbilt University for human IgE monoclonal antibody technology. Under this agreement, Indoor Biotechnologies has worldwide, exclusive rights to commercialize the IgE monoclonal antibodies developed at Vanderbilt University Medical Center (VUMC) for research and diagnostic use.




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