JPT Peptide | 一覽Peptide Arrays的世界

JPT Peptide | 一覽Peptide Arrays的世界



一覽Peptide Arrays的世界

Peptide Arrays為peptide library附著在固體表面(載玻片或膜)上。 Peptide Arrays與Protein Arrays相比,Peptide Arrays具有多種優勢,例如明確的peptide純度和方向、批次間再現性、不受結構限制的影響,因此會有更強大的穩定性。 JPT的Peptide Arrays形式可以與抗體、裂解物、血清或其他患者樣品的溶液一起反應。


Peptide Arrays是 JPT 研究蛋白質-蛋白質相互作用的有效工具,例如:

• Antibody epitope mapping & characterization

• Epitope-resolved humoral immune monitoring

• Receptor-ligand interaction studies

• Enzyme substrate identity & specificity determination

• Profiling of post-translational modifications such as glycosylation or phosphorylation

• Systematic exploration of the interactome by mass spec

JPT 提供多種不同的Peptide Array形式以適應各種應用。
關於JPT所有的Peptide Arrays產品,能提供以下保證:

• High quality warranted by ISO 9001 certified manufacturing

• High batch-to-batch consistency

• Applications of a capping process to avoid de novo epitopes

• The largest selection of catalog peptide microarrays in the market; continuously updated to      cover recent developments (e.g. emergency responses to viral outbreaks and )


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