JPT Peptide | PepMix Peptide Pools即刻啟用

JPT Peptide | PepMix Peptide Pools即刻啟用


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Our PepMix Peptide Pools put to Action: read-up!  

JPT 提供種類最多即用型的overlapping PepMix Peptide Pools,此包含傳染病、腫瘤相關、過敏和自體免疫特異性抗原。

以下提供PepMix 最新引用期刊精選,更多資訊可參考 官方網站


1.Age-related Differences in Immune Reactions to SARS-CoV-2 Spike and Nucleocapsid     Antigens
   Morhart et al,. Vaccines (2023)
   Products used: PepMix CEFX Ultra SuperStim Pool & PepMix Human (Actin)


2.A Systems Immunology Study comparing innate and adaptive Immune Responses in       Adults to COVID-19 mRNA and Adenovirus Vectored Vaccines
   Ryan et al., Cell Reports Medicine (2023)
   Product used: PepMix Chimpanzee Adenovirus Y25 (Hexon Protein)


3.The Role of the T-cell mediated Immune Response to Cytomegalovirus Infection in            Intrauterine Transmission
    Soriano-Ramos et al., PLOS One (2023)
    Products used: PepMix HCMVA (IE-1) & HCMVA (pp65)


4.Personalized RNA Neoantigen Vaccines stimulate T cells in Pancreatic Cancer
   Rojas et al., Nature (2023)
   Products used: custom PepMix


5.A cell-free antigen processing system informs HIV-1 epitope selection and vaccine           design
   Sengupta et al., Journal of Experimental Medicine (2023)
   Products used: PepMix™ HIV-1 (NEF) Ultra, PepMix HIV-1 (Con B gag motif)


6.Combination Ad26.RSV.preF/preF Protein Vaccine induces Superior Protective                 Immunity compared with Individual Vaccine Components in Preclinical Models
   Saeland et al., Vaccines (2023)
   Product used: PepMix HRSVA (Fusion Glycoprotein F0)


7.Validation of the Performance and Suitability of a new Class of FBS optimized for Use     in Single-cell Functional Assays
   Berrong et al., Journal of Immunological Methods (2023)
   Products used: CEF Pool (extended), CEFT MHC-II Pool, PepMix HCMVA (pp65)



以 JPT 的 PepMix peptide pools進行免疫監測和 T 細胞檢測的優勢

PepMix 為刺激抗原特異性 T 細胞的業界標準:

•依照IS0 9001:2015 規定完成製造和品質管理

•抗原peptide pools保證涵蓋整個蛋白質,同時也保持peptide長度一致

•驗證並記錄每個peptide和最終peptide pool純度和含量

•為了避免在peptide合成過程中受到干擾形成未知表位,因此會預設進行加帽的步       驟

無論是目錄產品 or 客製化產品, PepMix 都有許多不同的形式,讓您可選擇滿足您需求的研究工具。

•PepMix Peptide Pools covering antigens of various infectious pathogens

•PepMix Peptide Pools for tumor-associated antigens

•PepMix Control Pools to establish reliable and validated T cell assays

•Pan Select PepMix cover immune-dominant epitopes within one organism

•PepMix Ultra Pools are designed to address sequence diversity in genetically heterogeneous pathogens

•PepMix Collections are a combination of peptide pools belonging to either one organism or condition


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