JPT Peptide | Peptide用於黑色素瘤最新研究

JPT Peptide | Peptide用於黑色素瘤最新研究



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Study Melanoma with Peptide Innovations & New Literature


突變所衍生新抗原的潛在免疫原性能使其成為個人化癌症治療的有力的候選者,而黑色素瘤與較高的體細胞突變頻率相關,導致新抗原形成的可能性增加。除了需要治療外,此癌症模型適合於新抗原表位預測和驗證。疫苗和細胞療法的開發 [6,7] 以及適當的體液和細胞免疫的檢測皆常常優先用於黑色素瘤研究中。因此,JPT Peptide開發多種現成的Peptide工具和服務,提供關於黑色素瘤相關免疫療法的所有開發階段。


PepMix Peptide Pools

•常見的黑色素瘤相關抗原,例如MAGE、PRAME 或 NY-ESO,新產品率續更新中

•用於 T 細胞免疫分析和表位發


Antigen Peptides


•用於 T 細胞分析中刺激抗原特異性 T 細胞


Clinical Peptides & Pools






PepStar Microarrays

•高密度或多孔的peptide microarrays





以下文獻列表舉皆使用JPT Peptide的產品,說明產品在最近的癌症免疫治療研究中的適用性 :


1.Landscape of Helper and Regulatory Antitumour CD4+ T cells in Melanoma
Oliveira et al., Nature (2022) – PMID: 35508657
Products used: PepMix CEF Pool , Human (MAGE-A1), Human (MAGE-A3), Human (MAGE-A4), Human (MAGE-A9), Human (MAGE-C), Human (MAGE-D), Human (MLANA), Human (PMEL), TYR, DCT, PRAME, NYESO-1


2.Local Delivery of low-dose anti–CTLA-4 to the Melanoma Lymphatic Basin leads to systemic Treg Reduction and Effector T cell Activation
Van Pul et al., Science Immunology (2022) – PMID: 35857579
Product used: PepMix Human (NY-ESO-1), Human (MAGEA4), and CEFT pool


3.Functional T Cell Reactivity to Melanocyte Antigens is lost during the Progression of Malignant Melanoma, but Is restored by Immunization
Przybyla et al., Cancers (Basel) (2021) – PMID: 33435427
Product used: PepMix Human (Melanocyte protein Pmel 17 gp100), Human (NY-ESO-1), Human (Tyrosinase), Human (MAGEA3), and Human (Melan-A/MART-1)


4.Identification of Novel HLA-Restricted Preferentially Expressed Antigen in Melanoma Peptides to Facilitate Off-The-Shelf Tumor-Associated Antigen-Specific T-Cell Therapies
Stanojevic et al., Cytotherapy (2021) – PMID: 33832817
Product used: PepMix Human (Prame/OIP4), and Human (Actin)


5.Sulfated Lactosyl Archaeol Archaeosomes Synergize with Poly(I:C) to Enhance the Immunogenicity and Efficacy of a Synthetic Long Peptide-Based Vaccine in a Melanoma Tumor Model
Akache et al., Pharmaceutics (2021) – PMID: 33673382
Product used: Custom services


6.Neoantigens in Cancer Immunotherapy – Review
Schumacher & Schreiber, Science (2015) – PMID: 25838375


7.An immunogenic personal Neoantigen Vaccine for Patients with Melanoma – Letter
Ott et al., Nature (2017) – PMID: 28678778




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