PlantMedia™ 十一月快訊

PlantMedia™ 十一月快訊


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November 2021



A chill is in the air here at PlantMedia™, and that means a season full of holidays is on its’ way! Now is the time to begin thinking about the materials you will need for the new year, and we can help with that. If you’re looking for the highest quality products for your laboratory research – you’re in the right place!

As always, our monthly newsletters are dedicated to bringing you news in plant biotechnology, products that can help you grow, and we’ll share more from us here at PlantMedia™. Read on to find products that can help in your plant research!

Propagation – Transformation – Regeneration

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As we shared last month, our parent company bioWORLD has been working diligently this year to update and improve their main website. As these updates are underway, we are including more relevant material to assist in your product selections. Below are three updated PlantMedia™ products that are located on the bioWORLD website. Feel free to peruse these pages, along with their new descriptions, to see how we are updating each of our products, as well as to learn more about these products in their updated product descriptions.


Agar, Bacteriological

Bacteriological Agar is an essential ingredient to have on hand for many cell culture applications. This fine powder is ideal for a strong gel in microbiological media formulations when used at 10-15 g/L and dissolved at 100°C. It is advised to use in media where clarity is not a strict requirement.




Agar, Phytoagar™

Agar, Phytoagar™ is a high gel strength agar, perfect for a wide variety of applications in plant tissue culture work. This specific formula is free of extra salts that are detrimental to plant growth, but are commonly present in other commercially offered agars. With a gel strength of 550 g/cm2, it is recommended to add Phytoagar™ to plant media at 7-12 g/L for best results.




Agar, Plant Tissue Culture

Agar, Plant Tissue Culture is an essential to have in the lab if working with plant media. This superior choice has been extensively tested for bacterial contamination as well as chemical impurities. Agar, Plant Tissue Culture is a fine powder, ready to be dissolved at a concentration of 7-12 g/L in liquid media at 100°C.









Read about Cesium tolerance and new options to control this in Arabidopsis thaliana.




Learn more about Cadmiums’ connection heightened allergic responses.




Improving Tuber Crops through the use of CRISPR/Cas systems.







FungiGone™, Fungal Contamination Inhibitor

  • FungiGone™ is bioWORLD’s proprietary antifungal reagent formulation
  • This product drastically reduces the growth of fungi in your tissue culture applications, without affecting the plant tissue. Excellent for tissue explants for vegetative propagation, and seed germination testing.
  • Supplied as 100X concentrate
  • In vitro plant tissue culture-tested




Hygromycin B Solution

This aminoglycoside antibiotic solution inhibits growth of prokaryotic (bacterial) microorganisms, eukaryotic (yeast) microorganism and mammalian cells. It is particularly useful as a selective agent for the incorporation of the APH 4 gene in plant tissue. It inhibits peptide chain elongation by preventing elongation-factor EF-2 dependent translocation.




Basta (Glufosinate Ammonium)

Glufosinate ammonium is a non-selective herbicide for plant transformation studies using nucleotide sequences of the phosphinothricin N-acetyltransferase gene from Streptomyces viridochromogenes, “Bar gene”. It acts by inhibiting glutamine synthetase, blocking all nitrogen assimilation into the plant. BASTA® is the registered trademark of Bayer CropScience.




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