AceMag? Viral Nucleic Acid Kit





Description : The AceMag? Viral Nucleic Acid Kit is intended for general laboratory use and efficiently purifies viral nucleic acids from serum, plasma, or whole blood using sample volumes of up to 200 £gL. When using whole blood as starting material, total nucleic acids are isolated, including viral nucleic acids. The kit utilizes our unique high-capacity magnetic bead technology that ensures efficient recovery of Viral Nucleic Acid fragment library within a desired fragment length range. The purified Viral Nucleic Acid is fully digestible with all restriction enzymes tested, and is completely compatible with downstream application such as PCR, qPCR, Southern Blot analysis, genotyping, sequencing and more. The system allows for automation after sample lysis via Hamilton STAR?, Thermo KingFisher? Flex, Applied Biosystems? MagMAX?, Qiagen Biosprint, and other liquid handling instruments.


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For research use only