Reaction Biology | 使用腫瘤模型面板篩查快速跟踪免疫腫瘤藥物發現

Reaction Biology | 使用腫瘤模型面板篩查快速跟踪免疫腫瘤藥物發現


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Screen a Panel of Tumor Models to Fast Track your IO Drug Discovery Project


Screening new test substances on a panel of syngenic tumor models is useful for fast and economic efficacy testing of immune-modulating drugs, either as a single treatment or in combination with immune-checkpoint inhibitors.

  • Outstanding results: The panel screen is performed with our innovative subQperiorTM tumor models

    which yield more homogeneous tumor growth and ultimately outstanding statistical evaluation of drug efficacy testing.

  • Economic: You pay for one group and receive results from three groups
  • Efficient: Choose 6 out of 8 syngeneic tumor models per project



Order deadline: February 24th
Study start: March 4th
Results due: April 30th


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