Reaction Biology |提供您用於測定開發的重組蛋白

Reaction Biology |提供您用於測定開發的重組蛋白


Assay development: Use recombinant proteins that actually work

As a contract research organization, we continuously produce new proteins to create new assays to screen test substances against kinase, epigenetic, and many other targets.  

Why buy recombinant proteins from Reaction Biology?

  • Because our daily use of our proteins for screening is similar to a continuous quality check – we know they work!
  • Because our scientists can help you setup your assay successfully since they have the assay up and running already.
  • Because we are our own customers and know the requirements for quality.
  • Because our scientists have developed more than 1,200 assays in the past and thus know exactly how to best design the construct.
  • Because we can custom-tailor the protein to your needs – special buffer, special tag, special modification, special mutation. You name it – we create it.

Rely on our long-standing expertise to develop your assays for successful drug discovery!

Bestsellers from our 500+ products

Kinases such as PKC, CDK/Cyclin complexes, EGFR and mutants, MEK, PI3K

Methyltransferases such as PRMT5/MEP50, SETD2, EZH1/2

Reader Domains such as SMARCA, BRD1-9

Epigenetic Enzymes such as HDACs, PARPs, KDMs

Apoptosis-related proteins such as XIAP, BCL2, BCL-XL

Substrates for Epigenetic and Kinase Assays 


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